Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Year Resolution Success Strategy

It's a new year; time to dust off those resolutions left over from last year, or time to make new ones.  Chances are you have a few goals that were not fulfilled, right? You started off with great expectations and plans, but plans have a way of falling in mid flight.

I have people coming to me wanting change; wanting to improve an area of their life.  Change is not a quick visit to the grocery store.  We don't pick what we need, come home and cook it up.  Change is slow and often deliberate.  It takes a concerted effort to bring about a desired result.  Also, if your goal isn't heart-felt then you won't succeed. You will lose steam, for nothing is fueling your engine.  I believe this is one reason why many resolutions fall flat.

When creating your list of resolutions take the time to day dream first.  This avoids the, "But I can't because"... self talk that bursts the bubble of creative thinking.  There is no harm in imagining something happening.  Let your inner child have some fun in the process.

Then, make a list of goals you have dreamed of.  Next, focus in on the ideas that really create a sparkle of curiosity, interest, desire and or need.  These are the states of being that serve as your fuel.  Finally, zero in on the two or three goals that are most practical and manageable in consideration of available time and finances.  Don't be afraid to make a long term goal if you need to save up money to accomplish your idea.  Let your short term goal be bite size, like putting money away monthly to save up for the big final goal.

The other reason for failure is we bite off more than we can chew.  Start small and get comfortable with stage one first, then increase as needed.  For example do not plan on going to the gym five days a week when you currently aren't even going once a week.  Start with one day and work your way into the routine.  We may be big dreamers, but there is a lot that needs to happen between dreaming and doing.  Don't forget, change is a process.  Let yourself celebrate your small successes while you stay with your process.

Not sure where to begin?  Here is a journaling question to get you started on your resolution! "What change is needed that would bring me more in alignment with the life I desire?"

"I am an unlimited Being; I can create anything I want; my dreams come true".  S. Roman & D. Packer

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