Thursday, July 4, 2013

Taking your First Steps to Therapy

If you have come to my blog you are probably thinking about counseling for yourself or someone you love.  Maybe this is your first time looking into therapy or maybe this is an old hat for you.  Either way, starting with a new therapist can be daunting.  Sharing thoughts and emotions with a stranger is unusual; but it is also very freeing.  A therapist is not interested in passing judgement, or giving you their life story as in "take it from me, I know what is best for you",like your best friend or your loving mother might do.  A counselor is interested in helping you decide what is best for you from the perspective of attaining a balanced, more satisfying life. You don't have to worry mid sentence "Am I talking too much about myself?" You're suppose to talk about yourself.  You have someone's undivided attention who has your best interest in mind; this is very comforting.  In fact studies have shown that this unusual dynamic of being listened to, and feeling understood by itself  has healing properties.  I encourage you to move beyond your doubts, or your fears and try counseling.  Even a few sessions with a trained professional can have lasting results! Visit my website, and call for a consultation. 

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